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The Changing Landscape of Higher Education Marketing

Understanding the changing COLLEGE ASSESSMENT behaviors of prospective students is critical for the institution looking to differentiate in an increasingly competitive SPACE.

Higher education was one of the last major industries in the United States to see buying patterns and behaviors significantly disrupted by changes to the demands in value, digitization and AI, and operational decoupling. This has very quickly made the traditional marketing playbook for college obsolete, resulting for many in less efficient marketing spend, reduced prospective students, decreased conversion and yield rates, and lower new enrollments.

Reversing this trend requires more than just executing a set of discrete paid search, social or nurturing campaigns. It requires a deep and nuanced understanding of the competitive market, the changing student demographic and the leveraging of new predictive analytics and AI technologies that help to assess student intent as well as physical responses and the traditional “commitment” actions. It requires a seamless feedback loop with the entire enrollment and student finance organization. By combining leading edge marketing with innovative enrollment processes Edcura breaks down the silos and closes the gaps that separate an enrollment from a lost opportunity.

Edcura helped revitalize the marketing execution of a 65 year old brand that drove record new enrollments.

Edcura Marketing Competencies include:

  • Brand assessment
  • Competitive market review
  • Channel strategy
  • Dashboarding & measurement
  • Messaging development
  • Marketing budget optimization
  • Paid search optimization
  • SEO optimization
  • CRM implementation
  • Candidate nurturing & funnel management
  • Website development & strategy
  • Social marketing & content development

“Executing a regular, structured conversion failure analysis can help identify critical areas for process and messaging improvement throughout the entire marketing to enrollment chain. This allows for faster reaction and response to changing market conditions”

Megan Broadwin COO Edcura

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