Recruitment Management


Institutions That Don’t Change Their Approach to Recruitment Management Will Soon Fall Behind

Edcura’s recruitment management services integrate WITH the institution to drive increases in qualified candidates, yield and enrollment predictability without sacrificing critical institutional messaging, mission or culture.

Edcura brings a new approach to recruitment team strategy, training, collaboration data and analytics that gives our customers competitive advantage for best-fit students. Developed over 3 decades of complex, highly competitive market environments, Edcura’s recruitment management systems and processes drive ‘input-based’ activity and behavior measures that ensure consistent execution and continuous team learning.

Moving beyond the traditional enrollment team metrics, Edcura has developed a propitiatory recruitment management system that empowers team members with the systems, process and data to identify, engage and and delight prospective students and their decision teams.

Engaging with Edcura’s recruitment management team helped increase revenue of on college by 71% and total enrollment by 54%.

Process and datA are only as good as the teams that leverage them

Edcura team members are passionate about higher education and serving students as they move through this critical journey.  When you work with Edcura you can be confident that you have a team that represents your institution with the same commitment and passion as you do.

“Edcura team members care deeply about the institution, their students and each other. A motivated and supportive enrollment team with the right tools will do wonders. I listen to them more than they need to listen to me.”

Wendi Franczyk Edcura SVP Enrollment Services

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